Our store is really fairly small so it’s not always worth a visit by a Rep, so the show and presentations offer an opportunity to actually see and feel merchandise and learn about other services provided by vendors that may not be as obvious in print or email. This year, I once again found several products that I ordered at the show or will order for back to school that I may not have, if not for seeing the merchandise in person. In some cases, the special offers were compelling enough to push me to plan ahead to special store offers or events for the coming year.

The low-minimums and shipping incentives offered by many NEBC partners is a very compelling reason for smaller stores to join NEBC.


Sandra Yager

Campus Stores Manager

Deerfield Academy

Deerfield, MA


Subject: Re: Comments on NEBC Meeting and Trade Show

As always, a friendly gathering of professionals determined to share their spirit, ideas, talents, and merchandise to make our businesses successful and remain a relevant staple in our schools!


Guy Gnerre

The Hotchkiss School

Fantastic meeting which exceeded all my expectations, as usual.  

Moreover, the event demonstrably improved my bottom line!

For those of us who do not get the Camex experience this is the 

perfect substitute.


Jay Cushing
Assistant Director
UMA Bookstore

I believe the meeting was a huge success.  There seemed to be a great deal of networking going on as well as a lot of good conversation.  I will be interested to hear the end result of the orders placed at the show.  I would imagine the vendors are extremely pleased with the show.

Deborah Doody

School Store Manager

The Gunnery


Fantastic meeting which exceeded all my expectations, as usual. Moreover, the event demonstrably improved my bottom line! For those of us who do not get the Camex experience this is the perfect substitute.


Jay Cushing

Assistant Director

UMA Bookstore

I have come to greatly value not only NEBC as a buying group, but also the table-top show.  It allows store personnel and vendors the opportunity to connect on the personal level.  Our store saved over $1500 on show specials with orders at the show as well as brought in products from 8 new vendors.  The NEBC programs offered to members by vendors save our store thousands of dollars each year.  Our return on our membership dues investment offers the highest return of any industry buying group.  Combined with the other money-saving member benefits, I don’t understand why all Institutional College Stores are not members. All size stores can benefits from joining.


Matthew Branca, CCR

Director, The College Store

Pennsylvania College of Technology


It was indeed a pleasure meeting you and attending the NEBC buying show. Everyone was friendly and personable, and I felt quite at home.  The show specials were enticing and the value of an NEBC membership is exceptional.  The vendor proposals were well run and everyone was kept on point.  I also like that sponsors were acknowledged at their respective presentations 


Robert J. Hirsch

Manager of Bookstore Operations and Mail Center

Delaware Valley University

Thanks again for all your hard work, looking forward to next year’s snow storm, I mean show.... This is great as one of the other memberships I have gave up their spring show and not really being able to go to Camex (ever) this fills the void.  I am a touchy/feely type of person and having these vendors in one spot really helps for fall ordering - a jump start / idea getting/ seeing new vendors ... It's also great to see others and hear and see what works for them, problems they've had etc. and of course the Prep schools have their own little issues... I would have done a little more I think but time got away - I have my catalogs and can always call...


Holly Sullivan

School Store Manager

Pomfret School

First, let me say that it was truly a pleasure to meet you. You had the entire NEBC conference very well-orchestrated! 

It was really refreshing to get a different perspective at the Annual Meeting. All of the NEBC stores are absolutely committed to support local business and help each other succeed. It was a positive event for everyone who participated. We recouped our investment twenty times over with savings on the purchases from just one of the NEBC vendor partners.

Thank you for allowing me to participate and network with such a group of prestigious schools.


Sandy Zeller

Columbus State Community College

Columbus, Ohio

I thought the meeting was terrific, and there was such a great “vibe” amongst everyone there too!  The accommodations and food were good, but you can definitely see that we need to move to a larger location.

Cindy Breton

Associate Director for Bookstore Operations

Bowdoin College