Joining NEBC was one of the best decisions I have made in my role as the main buyer and Associate Director for our University Store. After researching the various options I came to the conclusions that the investment was minimal for the possibility of a great return. We have been members for only two years but within the first hour of our membership approval we recouped back our investment many times over. It was amazing. What I didn’t plan on was the vast amount of savings that we had access to year round and discovered a bonus in attending the annual business meetings and tradeshow. I have attended the annual business meeting/tradeshow twice and connected at a more tangible level with peers in the industry and with old and new vendors than I have in my 12 years of CAMEX attendance. The growth that NEBC is seeing is a result of its focus on stores and its vendor partners. We all have the same goal and we are just different parts of the achievement of it.

April Washburn

Washington & Lee University, Virginia

The NEBC tradeshow has become the most successful and rewarding event we attend. Every year the show provides us an opportunity to strengthen our existing relationships with stores while building new ones as membership expands. The reasonable cost to be a member of NEBC and attend the show allows us to provide big discounts to the stores for orders placed at the show and throughout the year. We look forward to attending every year! 

Andrew Weiss

The Fanatic Group


We (Continental Moulding) have had the pleasure of being a part of the NEBC for about 5 years now. In that time, we have met some of the most wonderful people and created some of the best relationships possible. The leadership team, led by Terry Murphy, David Ding, and others behind the scenes make this organization truly special. Year after year, our trade show sales have continued to increase, while at the same time annual revenues throughout the remainder of the year have done so as well. The NEBC strives to protect the independent college and University stores by aligning them with the best discounts available through the vendor network within the organization. We have been truly honored to be a part of this group and are so thankful that we made the decision to join. Our only regret is that we wish we had found out about the NEBC sooner! 

Patrick Wacks

Continental Moulding


I attended my first NEBC show in March 2020 and I’m glad I did because the show was great. I really enjoyed the interaction with all the store managers and having that one on one time to go over all our product lines and great programs we have to offer.

Terry is amazing to work with and he truly cares about all the store members and vendor partners. NEBC focuses on the vendor partners and store members building relationships, creating opportunities and growing business together.

I look forward to the continued partnership with NEBC and all the store members.


Marnee Nichols

Academic Sales Manager

BarCharts Publishing, Inc.

Thanks for including New England College in this year’s show. It was extremely valuable to me and the college. Being so new to both the role and the business my plan for the show was to simply network, get hands on experience with product, and pick people’s brains on moving the store forward. It more than delivered in all aspects.

Dan Ladd

Pilgrim Shop

New England College


I have enjoyed attending the NEBC show since it began. I have found it to be a very productive show. Over the years I have been able to develop nice relationships with the book store managers. Every year Terry has done a great job of managing the growth that NEBC has experienced over the last few years. Which is not an easy task. He has managed to keep the show with in the same time frame and still allowing the Managers enough time to have quality visits with most of the vendors. This is the one show that I do not miss.

John Pattinson

House of Doolittle



The NEBC tradeshow has helped me quickly network to create personal relationships with many of the bookstore attendees. The show has been imperative to my growth as a young rep in the industry. I am forever grateful to everyone that has shared their knowledge with me throughout the last 3 years and look forward to many more!

Nathan Friesen

CI Sport

The regional event that went national! Who would have thought five years ago that a small group of stores would blossom into such a force in our ever changing industry. As national trade shows see attendance declines, NEBC blossoms by offering the perfect opportunity for vendors to showcase their products to a key segment of independent collegiate retailers in a unique format.

Elan Ovadia

VP Sales

All Star Dogs


Joining NEBC was a great business decision for my company. As a vendor, it has been very helpful to meet buyers face-to-face at the annual trade show so that we know each other as we work together to customize and fill orders. I have found the NEBC to be a very welcoming and congenial group. I am glad to be a member.

Julie Lederman

The EggTagg Company


Attending NEBC was a great and worthwhile opportunity as a campus store Director/Buyer. The unique vendor product presentations were informative; I found several new vendors. Plus, the NEBC show specials offered numerous buying opportunities to boost campus store profit margins. My travel expenses were more than covered by show specials.

I appreciated and enjoyed the networking opportunities throughout the conference. The New England hospitality is amazing. I look forward to attending future NEBC conferences!

Pat Kuckelman

The Raven Store, Director

Benedictine College


We just participated in our 2nd show as a vendor partner. Great format – vendors have a chance to highlight key points for all buyers – and it’s definitely an order-writing show. The smaller setting (although growing!) helps foster connections with buyers and other vendors. A worthy investment!

Kathy Hosier

National Sales Manager

Mascot Factory


As an emerging brand in the bookstore space, the NEBC annual meeting provided invaluable time to interact with store buyers. The introductory opportunity to quick present to all buyers was a unique way to be sure to interact with all attending the show, a rare opportunity. During the tradeshow day, buyers took the time to fully walk to the show floor, which as a vendor was greatly appreciated for real time to discuss/sell. I left the show having had great time to reconnect with existing buyers and a long list of new account leads. Overall, a well done show and organization which you can tell the buyers/sellers truly value being a part of.

Shannon Grasser

Sr. Sales Director

Honey Stinger


Middlebury College Store has now attended the show two years in a row, and far beyond having a wonderful experience with the vendors who attend, I really enjoy meeting members from all the stores! Not only does it give you a chance to compare notes and ideas right there during the weekend, but it perpetuates relationships once you go back home to your stores. I still stay in contact with those I have met, and it is also great to see familiar faces the next time you go back. The caliber of vendor that comes to the show has also been great. It has really opened us up to some new, innovative products we might not have been aware of otherwise! So fun!

Thanks Terry for all you do for us.


Erin Jones-Poppe

Middlebury College

Store Manager


Attending the NEBC Annual Meeting/Trade Show has been an amazing experience for me! I come from a very small liberal arts school in PA. My first experience was 3 years ago. One of my clothing vendors told me about this opportunity to go to a trade show for FREE…all I needed to do was pay my way to get there, the rest was covered. Well, if that isn’t reason to go, I don’t know what is! So, I took advantage of the offer and not only did they pay for the show, meals and hotel, they also covered my travel expenses because of our inability to find funding for that piece! It was amazing! The networking with other college store professionals and vendors is priceless and so fulfilling, not to mention the savings that you receive due to the vendor specials offered! I have saved my store thousands of dollars by attending. Is it worth it??? Absolutely!! I am so thankful for the generosity of this amazing group and also the fantastic skills of Terence Murphy who runs this show like a pro!! Thank you Terence, and NEBC for your generosity and the awesome experience that attending NEBC allows each of the attendees.


Wendy Gibble

Merchandise Manager

Elizabethtown College


It was a great experience and everyone was very welcoming to first-timers like myself.

Zane Omohundro

Textbook Buyer

Bates College Store