What Does Your Store Have To Order?

NEBC encourages each store to give our vendors the first opportunity in terms of your purchases, but there is no minimum you are required to purchase in order to maintain your membership status. However, NEBC has been successful because most stores do use the catalog as a guide for purchases, and continue to support our vendor partners.


Is There A Trade Show To Attend In Order To Get The Best Deals?

NEBC does combine a trade show with our annual meeting and combined with vendor presentations which highlight the benefits offered to NEBC stores. We also encourage vendors displaying at this meeting to offer additional show specials if possible.

All NEBC store members are encouraged to attend, and NEBC does offer some scholarship funds to encourage attendance.


Are There Any Meeting Requirements?

NEBC has one major meeting held between mid-February and mid-March which serves as both the annual meeting and also a vendor presentation and trade show. Since 2016, this trade show has grown both in terms of vendors attending and store purchase orders generated. The 2020 meeting will be at the Marriott Hartford-Windsor Hotel in Connecticut March 5-7. NEBC continues to welcome full store participation at this important meeting and provides financial support for stores to attend including hotel accommodations and meals during the meeting. Past store attendees can attest to the financial and product benefits gained by attendance at this meeting.


More Questions?

Please feel free to contact NEBC president, David Ding from University of Rio Grande Bookstore in Ohio at dding@rio.edu, or 740-245-7274.