NEBC Origins

In the spring of 1992, thirteen institutional bookstore colleagues from throughout New England met to discuss the potential benefits of working together to secure better buying arrangements with a variety of vendors. NEBC was incorporated in Massachusetts in the summer of 1992 as a result of that meeting. The charter requires NEBC to support the educational purposes of each institution through the acquisition of merchandise on terms designed to improve the potential financial contribution to each respective school.

Expanding Outside New England

While NEBC was founded to serve New England schools, the executive board voted to accept membership from other states beginning in 1994. Today, the majority of NEBC member stores are from outside New England. All members are granted full membership privileges, and are encouraged to be an active participant in all NEBC activities.

Membership Requirements

NEBC  membership is restricted to institutionally operated campus stores.  To join, simply print this form and mail it to New England Buying Consortium, c/o Terry Murphy, 1062 Main St, Holyoke, MA 01040.  Please make check payable to New England Buying Consortium.  Current dues are $90 per year, and membership year runs from Feb 15- Feb 14.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact NEBC president, Tila Adams, Rhode Island School of Design at or Terry Murphy, president emeritus at or 413-887-7195.